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(419) 636-2111

Clean, Restore and Protect

Indigo’s mission is to clean, restore and protect surfaces of all kinds to extend the life and utility of our customer’s products, property and equipment.

Serving customers since 2000

Indigo Blasting & Painting has been in the media blasting business since 2000, starting in the automotive OEM market, and expanding over time to other industries, focused primarily on surface preparation and protection. The company has grown to be a large provider of blasting, painting and industrial services to hundreds of customers all over the region.

Our sales territory

From our home base in Northwest Ohio, our customers are located primarily in the Great Lakes region of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. Beyond that we have customers and projects from Nebraska to Pennsylvania, New York to Georgia, and work we have done has shipped as far away as California.

Facilities and capabilities

Our plant in Montpelier, Ohio has the capacity to handle any material that can be driven or transported on our nation’s roads, and our mobile crews are able to take our expertise on the road to customer locations all over the Midwest.