Building Refurbishment

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Customer had an old building that was 60’ tall and was previously used as an e-coating operation. It was extra dirty after the equipment was dismantled, had ecoat on the floor and the walls and ceilings were in dire need of cleaning a fresh coat of paint.


Indigo came in and dry ice blasted the dried e-coat off the concrete floor. They we cleaned the entire 60,000 square foot building from top to bottom and added a primer and top coat to all the surfaces. Big shout out to the local Sherwin-Williams rep who consulted on getting the right primer coat that would bond to the vinyl backed fiberglass insulation.

Dry ice blasting was used to clean all the steel perlins, columns and rafters as well as the 8’ block wall on the perimeter, as well as the doors and garage doors. The vinyl backed fiberglass was wiped down with a special cleaner and then lightly rinsed before priming with two coats of stainblocking acrylic primer, followed by a semi gloss top coat.