Dry Ice Rentals

Indigo now offers dry ice blasting system rentals.  We offer ColdJet Aero 40 systems and IceTech Elite 20, as well as other IceTech systems. These complete blasting systems include air hose, blast hose, blast gun and nozzle options for customers to perform their own work, on their own timeline.

Renting dry ice blasting equipment puts the cleaning power of dry ice to work on your own timeline.  Dry ice blasting is environmentally friendly, has no media residue to clean up or remove after blasting, and if a fast and effective solution with many applications.

We have been using dry ice cleaning for years and are experts in the area. Our high quality, late model and reliable machines are perfect to satisfy your needs. Call or email us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have.

We also offer service on dry ice blasting equipment, including machines, guns, nozzles and hoses.

Aero 40

Elite 20