Commercial Painting

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(419) 636-2111

Using our more than 20 years of commercial painting experience, Indigo now offers commercial and industrial painting throughout our service areas.

For the first time, we can prep your surface and paint it too, which gives us the ability to handle the entire job with one point of contact, one guarantee of the entire project to prepare your surface and then apply the coating!

Concrete block, ceiling trusses, bathrooms to break rooms, if your plant or business needs a freshening up with a coat of paint, we can handle the job.

Our experienced estimator can visit your site, learn the details of what you require, and prepare a quote for your project within just a day or two.  Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we can make your facility shine.

We use Sherwin-Williams products, in all the formulations or colors that a project requires, from water based to solvent based paint options.  We are coating experts, and we have the backing of the industry leading formulation team of Sherwin-Williams to back us up when there is a difficult or challenging application coating question.  We’ll get you on the right course with any project.