Do you have a problem with parts that are contaminated by cutting oils, grease, quench, paper tag adhesives or other surface issues that prevent you from getting to the next step in production?

Are you still degreasing lots of pieces by hand?  Do you have many pieces, or pieces that are very long or wide?

Our capabilities to degrease parts for customers have been growing.  We can now handle very long or wide pieces and contain the contaminate, and our combination of blasting, washing and tool capabilities lets us solve most problems.

Based upon the contamination on the surface, we can apply a variety of safe cleaning agents to assist in removing the problem.


Surface preparation revolves around TACT.  Time, Agitation, Caustic and Temperature.

We can use high heat water, dry ice blasting, a variety of chemicals, and good old-fashioned elbow grease to solve the problem.  But it boils down to finding the right combination of these four elements to solve your surface preparation need.

It might require five minutes of soaking in a mild degreaser, in hot water, then a power wash rinse, but it is always some combination of these four elements.  It could be a one minute blasting with dry ice, which solves all four elements, the dry ice is the Agitation, the Caustic and the Temperature all in one step.

Indigo knows how to find the right combination and work within your budget to achieve a degreasing solution that solves the problem.