Industrial Services

In addition to all the surface preparation options we offer, Indigo can also provide another group of services to our customers, all centered on our ability to mobilize trained team members to tackle jobs at customer locations.

Fire remediation blasting and painting

When a fire occurs, Indigo can provide cleaning services in addition to our blasting options.  While baking soda blasting and dry ice blasting can clean wood, masonry and other surfaces of soot and related fire damage, we can also provide team members to quickly get the situation stabilized, removing water, securing the property and removing items from the structure to allow rebuilding to start.

Machinery cleaning and relocation assistance

Dry ice blasting is an excellent way to clean machinery, but when equipment only needs to be moved to a new facility or relocated within the existing building, Indigo can provide experts in machinery prep work to drain the liquids, wipe down the machines to control surface liquids, and remove and dispose of steel shavings, chips or blanks into recycling hoppers.  When the plant maintenance staff or rigging company doesn’t have the time or manpower, Indigo can provide this service.


Rapid response maintenance team

If our customers have something arise unexpected, from a natural disaster to an unplanned production disruption by power loss or sewer backup, Indigo can provide not only the cleaning services of dry ice blasting or other surface preparation options, but also a crew of experienced maintenance staff to assist your business in getting things stabilized and on the path towards resumed operations.  We are able to mobilize quickly and perform a variety of tasks that can be valuable when time is of the essence. 

Paint rack and carrier fabrication

Indigo has a broad experience in fabricating customer’s powder coating and painting racks, hooks, hangers and rack carriers.  While it’s an offshoot of our burn off oven and sandblasting service in cleaning this equipment, our customers find that having a one stop vendor to clean, repair and build their racks is helpful to allow them to focus on their core coating operations.  We have the CAD ability to read, print and even design racks and carriers, and often we prototype the first pieces for testing and adjustment.