Small Batch Powder Coating

After years of having customers ask us for this service, we began to power coat in 2019.

Our powder coating service is for small batches, and usually in colors larger powder coaters don’t use very often.  We offer a service that complements large volume powder coating companies.  Our process does not utilize an overhead conveyor into a multi-stage wash process through to an inline oven.  Our batches are prepped with blasting or profiling using many of our media blasting capabilities, then powder coated, and into a batch oven for curing.  This is a process designed to change colors quickly and often, and to handle small quantities or odd shaped pieces for fast throughput.

Complicated refurbishing parts are ideal for our process, for example, a Precor weight rack that needs taken apart and blasted, then powder coated and re-assembled.  Think 10 yellow totes, or 15 purple electric cases.  25 bright orange posts or lime green parts bins.  1 black motorcycle frame, or a go kart chassis in dark blue.  We stock more than 15 colors of powder coatings and have 48 hour access to dozens more.  

Turnaround time for in stock colors can be as fast as two days.